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Discover your competences

Working through this guideline will help you to identify your skills and personal competences you have developed through your work experiences, educational experiences and spare time (outside the workplace).

But what does talking about personal competences mean – for ex. social or organizational skills – and how to describe them in your cv to make them effective and persuade employers to call you for an interview?

Since these questions are not simple to answer, we have created these online helps with Europass+2 project: the main focus is to help you in compiling “personal skills and competences section” in your europass curriculum.

Why is it important to document your skills and personal competences in your curriculum?

Enterprises often look for more you can notice from information concerning only educational or work experiences. And this plus is your competences and personal skills, an "added value" that might convince an employer that you are especially qualified for a certain job.

Europass+2 can help you to understand which kind of job you need to look for

You cannot always know which kind of job you have to look for! Europass+2 can be used to help you in self assessing your resources (skills and competences) to focus on which kind of job you should look for.

With Europass+2 you can

  1. Identify, assest and document your competences acquired in your life experiences, not formally related to specific jobs,
  2. Find out competence areas in which you are stronger and in which you are weaker,
  3. Consequently provide a basis to self evaluate for which jobs you have competences and which skills you have better to develop.

Do not forget that, if you want and you think it advisable, you can show the results of your self assessment and your competences to mentors and counselors to get support, on the basis of analyses you will do on your competences, defining your professional plan (which job to look for, which training activities can be useful to complete your profile…).

Remember then that when you will identify which jobs apply for, it would be better bring tour competences and skills out more consonant with it in your cv.