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Suggestions for an effective Cv

Europass+2 can help you to write an effective Cv

Usually you need to fill in a curriculum when applying for a job. We provide some suggestions to make it effective:

  1. use your own words which must be significant, concise and effective to describe yourself and europass+2 tool will help you in this way.
  2. in your cv, mostly evidence the skills more useful to the job you are looking for: provision of information regarding your personal skills and competences to an employer may allow you to stand out from others as a suitable candidate for a job.
  3. be sure to attribute to yourself only those competences you have actually acquired. You must be aware that, in an interview, an employer will ask for details and evidence of your activities!
  4. remember that your cv must be concise, besides targeted to the job you are applying for (so you can – if anything it is suggested – have various cvs to apply to different positions!), so try to choose among the examples you could write down in your cv to show the most efficient competence! An European cv should be no more than two-three pages in lenght!

Do not forget that, if you want and you think it advisable, you can show your curriculum to mentors and counselors to get support, on the basis of analyses you will do on your competences, in your job search.

You can find more information about europass Curriculum’s goals in the following website:
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