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The project is articulated in four macro-activities:

Macro-Activity 1. Organization of the project, analysis of the transfer feasibility of the Europass+ tool and definition of the executive Plan - WP 1

Objectives of this phase are to guarantee an operational planning of the work as well as studying feasibility of applicability and transferability of the model on a national and international level.

Macro-activity 2. Evolutionary planning of EUROPASS+2 model, software design and implementation - WP 2

This phase aims to focus on the Europass+’s needs to adapt the tool, to define, in fast-prototyping modeling, and to implement the EUROPASS+2 1.1 version, which is modular depending on which target group it is to apply.

Macro-activity 3. Experimentation - WP, 3, 4, 5, 6

Objective of this phase, correlated with the WP2, is to guarantee step by step testing of the transferability of EUROPASS+2 in different national and European contexts, validating with special attention to local, interregional and European mobility needs. At first, the model will be tested in various Italian regional contexts according to the different target groups and later the transferability will be tested by transnational partners, whose role is to implement the model on specific public groups. The testing process will be validated by the representatives of the PMI who are involved in the partnership.

Macro activities 4. Management, monitoring, evaluation and validation of the model - WP 7, 8, 9, 10

The objective is to verify the effectiveness of the testing highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the EUROPASS+2 model, making possible improvements/adaptations, in order to promote it at institutional level for its implementation and widespread application.